With a sound firmly rooted in the lush textures of authentic jazz and soul and funk, Peter Rogers and Andy Powell aka Technicolour and Komatic are one of the most exciting new duos operating at the musical end of the drum & bass spectrum. Rogers announced his arrival in d&b with a debut 12" on Ennex Records in 2007, and has subsequently seen music released on Technique Recordings, Worldwide Audio and Critical Music. Powell has built up a formidable reputation within the scene through his hugely successful Bassdrive radio show, and releases on Spearhead Digital, Frequency Factory and Digiphunk.

Hooking up through an affiliation with the Drum & Bass Arena message board, their first tracks together, 'Preacher' and 'Innervision' were immediately snapped up by Worldwide Audio, who duly released them in April of 2009. With wide-ranging DJ support from the likes of Fabio & Grooverider, High Contrast, Logistics and Blame, and more music forthcoming on Technique Recordings and Bassdrive Digital, it's clear this duo are becoming very hot property indeed.

Tune into The Komatic Show coming to you LIVE every Monday, 10am-12pm CST, 4pm-6pm GMT.

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Artist Title Cat. # Rating Release Date Length Price
Komatic & Technicolour Dickinson's Rocket BDT010A 2010/03/01 7:59 $2.50    
Komatic & Technicolour The Entire City BDT010B 2010/03/01 5:21 $2.50    
Komatic Now She's free BDT015B 2010/10/26 6:45 $2.50    
Komatic, Technicolour Lights (Komatic Remix) BDT015C 2010/10/26 6:56 $2.50    
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